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Since 1992 SICAB has been helping companies increase their competitiveness thanks to security, networking, smart collaboration and cloud telephony solutions.


What we do for you


Network vulnerabilities often lead to conditions that make companies exposed to attacks capable of interrupting their normal functioning, causing disruptions or the loss of data.


smart collaboration

By combining the experience of audio-video installations with the integration skills of the most common unified communication platforms, we support companies in creating more effective and rapid communication both in the room and on the platform.

cloud telephony

More and more services are moving to the cloud today and the same is true for telephony. The integration of the company switchboard (PBX) with other company systems is simple and functional and management for the IT department is facilitated.


Today, companies are asking for cost control and solutions that encourage the mobility of people who gravitate across multiple locations within the same company: teleconferences, teleworking, distance learning, mobile phone, landline and web integration.


Our cabling solution offers effectiveness and flexibility for the needs of any business, ensuring excellent network performance and facilitating infrastructure management.

Our partners

Sicab aims to always offer safe and cutting-edge solutions, relying on consolidated partners, market leaders. We collaborate with recognized brands that have trusted us for years to bring their technologies to end customers. The skills of our technicians in the installation and maintenance of the solutions are certified by the partners themselves who, through constant updates, allow us to always be ready to respond to the changing needs of modern companies.

Served markets

Sicab boasts long-standing experience in various vertical industries. The objective is to support companies in making communication and security more efficient as well as in creating more functional and connected working environments. The vertical markets most served are financial, manufacturing, services and pharmaceuticals, with a specialization in companies where there is warehouse management and movement of goods.

Who we are

Sicab offers its customers innovative and robust unified communication, audio-video integration, IT security and network infrastructure solutions. Technological excellence and the drive for innovation have been the fulcrum of the design, project management and business continuity services since its foundation in 1992. The research and development team finds the answers to companies’ need to increase competitiveness and adopt more agile and efficient working models, smart working first and foremost. The solidity of the offer and the quality of the services, combined with a centrality of the human factor has led to a constant growth in customers, skills and turnover. Thanks to this development and the seriousness of the team, Sicab is now seen by the market as a partner to be trusted and continued.